About Tannet


In the changing world of business, old rules do not apply. SME are faced every day with new and constant challenges, especially on market size performance and global business coverage, operational and cost efficiency, services innovation and customers’ satisfaction. TANNET GROUP LIMITED, we understand that every SME business environment is unique. Therefore, TANNET Group provides tailor-made services to suit all corporate need. The group has two major services: Business Outsourcing Services and Business Investments Consultation. More than 30,000 companies worldwide contracts with TANNET to provide Business Outsourcing Services that might otherwise performed by their in-house employees. Outsourcing allows companies to focus on others business issues while having the details taken care of by us.

TANNET Group has world-class qualities backed by a professional team of 200 lawyers, accountants and consultants around the world. As we growth bigger, we are looking for greater partnership with profession around the world. TANNET Group provides a wide range of Business Investments Consultation services. Our services line from company formations, financing and taxation reports, business plan and licensing, public investment and joint venture, branding and marketing strategies to risk management and reconstruction. TANNET gives you the benefits of cost predictability, full accountability and guaranteed service quality. We create a complete platform, which consists of 18 difference business services to serve SMEs corporate from top to toe. Our ultimate goal is to help SME to have fully control over the business growth and expansion.


To Conclude, TANNET GROUP LIMITED is a diversified international company form in Hong Kong, 1999. After years of development, this group extended its services to over 16 countries, owning more than 38 holding subsidiaries, 88 equity participants, over 3,000 cooperators and more than 30,000 loyalty clients worldwide. TANNET Group committed and ensured that all certificates, documents from TANNET are authorized and valid. We are ready 24 hours for customer enquiries and complaints around the world. Contact us for more information.