China Trademark Registration

China Trademark Registration

A trademark is a distinctive sign or indicator used by an individual, business organization, or other legal entity to identify that the products or services to consumers with which the trademark appears originate from a unique source, designated for specific market, and is used to distinguish its products or services from competitors.


Types of China Trademark

a) Word Mark e) Commodity Trademark
b) Figurative Mark f) Certification Mark
c) Combination Trademark g) Associated Mark
d) Service Mark h) Defensive Trademark                                        


Application Criteria

Individual holds

a) A certified true copy of passport / identity card

b) A trademark photo in JPEG file

Organization holds

a) A copy of notarized company form 9

b) A trademark photo in JPEG file


Application Procedures

Trademark Design → Trademark Search → Application Submission → Notice of Acceptance →

Trademark Examination → Trademark Publication → Complete Registration


Trademark Design

Trademark naming avoids a straight relation with the functions of goods; Trademark design is theme-oriented and reasonably arranged. TANNET does provide trademark design service.

Trademark Search

Before filing your application, it shall be determined whether the mark to be registered is pending registered or has been registered the trademark rights. Trademark search can minimize the risk for the whole application and registration process. Therefore, the search service with authorities is strongly recommended.

Application Submission

The application shall include the following elements to get the acceptance from China Trademark Authority.

a) Authorization letter of registration

b) Qualification certificate of applicant

c) A clear drawing of the mark

d) Lists 10 products which to be protected under same category

Notice of Acceptance

Once the China Trademark Authority receives your application of trademark registration, they will give you an application number and issue the Notice of Acceptance within 3 months.

Trademark Examination

After the China Trademark Authority determines that you meet the minimum filing requirements, the application is forwarded to an examining attorney. This may take few months. The examining attorney reviews the application to determine whether it complies with all applicable rules and statutes and includes all required fees. A complete examination includes a search for conflicting marks, and an examination of the written application, the drawing, and any specimen.

Trademark Publication

If the examining attorney raises no objections to registration, or if the applicant overcomes all objections, the examining attorney will approve the mark for publication in the Official Gazette, which is three months at the China Trademark Authority.

Complete Registration

If no party files an opposition or request to extend the time to oppose, the China Trademark Authority will normally register the mark and issue a registration certificate. The registration date will be effective from the date of application filing.


It could take approximately 1-2 working days to get the certificate. The term of validity is 10 years from the date of trademark registration, in which period no extra fee is imposed.


We have more services than abovementioned such as China Trademark Transfer, China Trademark Authorization, China Company Formation and Hong Kong Company Formation, etc.

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Malaysia Company Set up Requirements

Malaysia Company Set up Requirements

Invest in Malaysia

Malaysia Company Set up  Authorized capital

A private limited company in Malaysia must have a minimum paid-up capital is RM1.

Malaysia Company Set up-Appointment of shareholders and directors

Each company must provide one (1) or more shareholders; shareholders can be the directors at the same time. Shareholders do not have nationality restrictions; each company must have a minimum of one (1) directors, being a natural person with their principal place of residence in Malaysia or foreigners who hold a visa in Malaysia for more than 6 months. Tannet can assist on coordination and provide local directors if necessary, specifically Chinese directors with good financial position and professionals.

Malaysia Company Set up – Required Documents

1. English name of the Malaysia Company

2. Personal data of all the shareholders and directors (Identification card or passport and address)

3. Authorized capital and the shares allocation

4. Articles of association

5. Purpose of company set up and main projects.

*(All documents must be translated in English or Malay)

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Malaysia Work Permit

Malaysia Work Permit

Work permits generally last between six months and five years, depending on the duration of the work contract and the type of visa. Application forms are mostly in Bahasa Malaysia, and applications for Malaysian work permits are done within Malaysia.




The Malaysian government generally issues three different types of work permits:

Professional Visit Pass

The Professional Visit Pass is issued to foreigners employed by an overseas company but working with a company in Malaysia. This pass is normally appropriate for technical experts and trainees, as well as volunteers. The Professional Pass is normally valid for short periods of around six months to a year.


Temporary Employment Pass

A Temporary Employment Pass is for unskilled or semi-skilled workers in the manufacturing, agriculture, construction and services fields. These are for jobs that pay less than RM5,000 per month. The pass is normally valid for three years, with extensions available on a yearly basis. Before the work permit can be issued, quota approval needs to be granted from the Local Centre of Approval, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Employment Pass

An Employment Pass applies to those wanting to work in Malaysia and who have specific skills, generally in technical or managerial positions. It is usually issued for a minimum period of two years. Before the Employment Pass can be issued, the employment of the foreign worker must be approved by the Expatriate Committee or the relevant regulatory agency.


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Vietnam Company Registration

Vietnam Company Registration




Business and Investment in Vietnam is not only economically attractive, it can also rely on a modern legal framework. The practical business requires highly qualified management and understanding of legal and practical conditions.With the new provision of having more than one Legal Representative, the typical foreign invested Limited Liability Company can be organized according to international standards.


The new law states that all business lines not being prohibited or restricted are free. This is a major improvement; the implementation on the administrative level probably will take time and needs patient persuasion.

Types of Vietnam Companies available for foreign direct investment

(a) Representative Office;

(b) Branch Office;

(c) Limited Liability Company (“LLC”);

(d) Partnerships;

(e) Joint Stock Company (Shareholding Companies) (“JSC”).


Foreign Investment

A foreign investor can own up to 100 (one hundred) percent of the charter capital depending on the business lines and models of investment. A thorough examination of the business lines, legal framework, WTO commitments and regulations under Free Trade Agreements are necessary.


Registered Capital

For limited liability companies and joint stock companies, capital contribution must be fully paid within 90 days from the issuance day of Enterprise Registration Certificate.

For a LLC the law does not state a general required minimum Charter Capital. However, it has to be in a reasonable relationship to the intended business. For certain business lines the law does state a minimum Charter Capital.


Shareholders & Directors

A typical Vietnam company will require the following key persons:

  1. Director (General)
  2. Legal Representative
  3. Authorized representative


Registered Address

Taiwan address is required for registration purpose. Tannet will be able to provide registered address.


Business nature

Investment is currently not permitted in following sectors:

– Business in some of drugs1;

– Business in some chemicals and some mineral2;

– Business in specimens of wild fauna or flora according to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species;

– Business in specimens of species of endangered and rare wild fauna or flora3;

– Business in prostitution;

– Purchase or sale of humans, tissues or parts of human body;

– Activities relating to asexual reproduction.


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Vietnam Trademark Registration

Vietnam Trademark Registration

Vietnam trademark registration are required register IP protection at National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam (NOIP). National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam (NOIP) is the government body responsible for registering IP protection.



Vietnam Trademark Applications

Each application can be used for one trademark only. However, multi-class applications are possible in Vietnam, accordingly up to 45 classes of goods and services can be claimed under one application. The goods and/or services under the application must be classified according to the International Classification of Goods and Services under the Nice Agreement


The NOIP accepts a general power of attorney for trademark filings of one applicant. In case the power of attorney specifies particular marks of the trademark applicant, then separate power of attorney will be required for any subsequent marks of the applicant not specified in the original power of attorney. Requirements to the Power of Attorney. The POA must be submitted within 1 month from filing the trademark application in Vietnam. Notarization or legalization is not required. However, the certified copy of the priority document must be translated into Vietnamese.


Vietnam Trademark Examination

All trademark applications will be examined by the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam (NOIP) with respect to formality requirements. If the application is found to satisfy the formality requirements, then it will be accepted as legitimate by the NOIP in a Notification of Acceptance which provides official filing date, official filing number, and priority date if any. In case the application does not meet the formality requirements, the NOIP will reject the application by a Notification of Refusal of Acceptance or request corrections or amendments, as the case may be.


Upon expiry of the formality check and where the application is accepted as legitimate, the application will be published in the IP Gazette from the acceptance date and then, passed to substantive examination which takes place within a 06 month period from the date of publication of the application. The substantive examination is to consider whether the claimed trademark (i) possesses distinctiveness and (ii) is of those signs excluded from trademark protection.


Acceptance of Protection

If upon expiry of the substantive examination, the trademark is found to be registrable, the NOIP will grant Certificate of Trademark Registration for the trademark, and publish the Certificate in the IP Gazette.


Where the trademark is unregistrable, the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam (NOIP) will issue a Notification of Examination Result of Application notifying the applicant of the intended refusal of grant of the certificate and reasons therefore, or of the deficiencies or amendments which should be corrected or made. The applicant has 2 months to reply or make necessary amendments. If the applicant fails to reply or the response is not appropriate, the NOIP will officially issue a Notification of Refusal of Granting Certificate of Trademark Registration. To the contrary where the response is satisfactory, the Certificate of Trademark Registration or Decision of Acceptance of Protection will be granted as above mentioned.


Vietnam Trademark Protection

 A certificate of Vietnam trademark registration shall be effective from the granting date and last for 10 years from the filing date, and can be renewed for indefinitely for each consecutive 10-year term. Renewal request may be filed late within a 6-month grace period.


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