Accounting Services for China Companies means the follow-up accounting processes going in after a company is registered. As a global service provider, Tannet provide global clients with financial accounting management and consulting services. We can also help enterprises with tax regulation, legally tax avoidance, strategic management of financial and taxation rationalization and legalization.



The main goal of accounting is to provide a company with clear, comprehensive, and reliable information about its economic activities and status of its assets and liabilities. This information is presented in the form of accounting reports like the balance sheet, income statement, statement of changes in equity (also called shareholders' equity statement), and statement of cash flows (also called cash flow statement).By means of accounting reports it is possible to perform the following.


Accounting Services for China Companies

(1) Earlier Stage: Taxation Application:

–Tax type setting and verification;

–Tax agent training, declaration system purchasing, three parties tax deduction agreement;

–Legal representative meet with tax officer;

–General tax payer qualification application and verification;;

–Tax control system purchasing, training Application:

–Invoices purchasing


(2) Middle Stage: Accounting Declaration

–Financial software configuration, accounting book setting;

–Statements drafting and declaration

–Tax declaration (Circulation tax, personal tax, company income tax, statement and attached statement);

–Translation and sending of statements;

–VAT invoice deduction and verification;

–Employees’ social security, insurance and wage declaration;

–Bank reconciliation and foreign exchange settlement;

–Binding and recording of accounting documents.


(3) Later Stage: Financial Trusteeship

–Application of tax rebates;

–Invoice purchasing and management;

–Invoice issuing and delivery;

–Import & Export products invoice data collection;

–Auditing and asset evaluation;

–Annual settlement of Financial Bureau;

–Tax type increasing and changing;

–Application of tax exemption.

–Non-trade Certificate registration.


China Company accounting standard is different than any other countries; only under the complete financial system and legalization circumstances can foreign invested enterprises stand at a legal position in their future expanding stage when they need to allocate shares, reinvestment, merger and acquisition. In China, it is not accountant and interpreter you need, what you need is a comprehensive financial strategic management service institution which deserves your trusty.


Tannet can assist with China accounting services, including:

1. Accounting, financial reporting and consolidation

2. The preparation of management and statutory accounts

3. Arranging audits

4. VAT advice, registration and related services

5. Financial modeling and forecasting

6. Preparation of business plans

7. Preparation and filling of tax returns

8. Tax computation and submission

9. Debt analysis and recovery services


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