China Investment Guide

Great Wall of China

Nowadays, most of entrepreneurs are seeking business opportunities in new market development. Obviously, the revolution of China economic is attracting attention of worldwide entrepreneurs. CIMB Group had stated in 2011Asean-China SME Conference, “China was Malaysia’s largest trading partner since 2010 and Malaysia has been China’s largest ASEAN trading partner since 2008”. Based on above statement, enter into China market was a new business trendy of Malaysian entrepreneurs.

TANNET Group Limited formed in 1999, Hong Kong. We had more than10 branches in CHINA to serve foreign corporate who invest in CHINA, and Chinese corporate who seek for worldwide opportunities.  2 years ago, we set up Kuala Lumpur Branch, Malaysia. The main objective is to link up South East Asia and Middle East markets, traders, investors with CHINA market.

We experienced in provide tailor-made services or solutions for a corporate to overcome its business difficulties. Besides that, Tannet’s objective was actively sharing our professional knowledge from Incorporation, Pre-IPO, Management Planning, Development Proposal, Contract Drafting and Legal Advisory and other supplementary services.

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1. Introduction of China Market

  • The rise of China Market and Industries
  • Brief about China economic situation
  • The business culture in China

2. China Advantages

  • The China Opportunities
  • The development plan of China – the China future

3. Trading with China

  • The ASEAN trade
  • The China free trade zone
  • Figures supports

4. Benefits of China Company

  • The needs of set up a company in China ( labour, raw material, trends)
  • The China buying power (the market, the sales, the revenue)

5. China Company Registration Services

  • Type of China Company (WFOE , RO , JV )
  • Differences

6. China Investment Strategies

  • Foreigner to set up a WFOE requirements
  • Tips

7. Foreign Investment Incentive

  • Steps of investment

8. Foreign Investment Incentives

  • The government promotional and incentive
  • The regional or industries encouragement

9. China Taxation

  • Types of tax rate in China

10. China Properties

  • Understand the tenancy agreement