Q: What type of service provide by TANNET Group?

A: TANNET Group provides a wide range of Business Investments Consultation services. Our services line from:

  1. Company Formations
  2. Financing and taxation reports
  3. Business Plan & Proposals
  4. Licensing
  5. Public investment & Joint Venture (JV)
  6. Branding and marketing strategies
  7. Risk management and reconstruction.

Company Formation

Secretary Service

Q: Why we need a secretary service for Malaysia company formation?

A: Every company is required by statute to have at least one company secretary in Malaysia. The company secretary must be of full age of 18 years old with his residence in Malaysia.

Issue to be considered –Start up a business in Malaysia

Q: Isn’t compulsory to set up a company before start up a business?

A: Yes, according to Malaysia rule and regulation you have to set a company before start a business. There are carried out by either these two types of business organization:

  1. Business firms (governed under Registrar of Business Act 1956)

2.   Registered companies (governed under Companies Act 1965)

Q: What is business Firm?

A: Business firms divide into two types:

  1. Sole proprietor/ Sole trader – Sole proprietor is a business carried out in the name of an individual.
  2. Partnerships (governed by Partnership Act 1961) – Partnership is a business owned by two or more individuals.

These two types have no separate legal existence apart from the persons who owns the business and properties cannot be held under the name of the business firms and all contracts are signed in the name of the individuals who own the business and their liability is unlimited.

Q: What is registered company?

A: A registered company is an artificial person created by the law. It is legally independent of the owners. The most common type of registered company in Malaysia is a company limited by shares “SDN BHD”.

The company’s name ends with “SDN BHD”. For example a company with name – ZZZ Sdn Bhd, is a company limited by shares.

A sole proprietor or a partnership is not entitled to end with “SDN BHD” as it is not a registered company. Most often, sole proprietor or partnership is named ZZZ Enterprise or ZZZ & Co.

Initial Public Offering

Q: Benefit of Listing

A: 1. Most of the companies facing the problem of short of capital fund to do the business expansion. For the company, IPO will be the fast way to raise revenue and help the business to expand and growth. Besides that, it also brings the company to next level.

2. Besides that, public company can be access to the capital market for future capital inflow. Public company debt-to-equity ratio will be improved because the company can receive much better term from lender.

3. When a company decides to raise capital via going public process, it’s also bringing a positive message for the public towards the company. After the company go for IPO it’s easier to promote public company and it also achieved higher recognition compare with private companies. Public always perceived public company is more stable.

Q: Disadvantage of listing

A: 1.Huge expenses for a company go public typically include legal fees, accounting fees, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) quarterly and yearly report.

Q: How to contact Tannet Staff?

A: TANNET Group committed and ensured that all certificates, documents from TANNET are authorized and valid. We are ready 24 hours for customer enquiries and feedback around the world. Please email us mytannet@gmail.com or telephone us +603-2141 8908.