Hong Kong company annual returns, any limited liability companies in Hong Kong should file annual returns to the department of the Company Registry and the Inland Revenue.


Companies Annual Return Filing

For a private company having a share capital, you have to file, once in every year, an annual return within 42 days after the company’s most recent anniversary of the date of incorporation (the prescribed time period).


For any other companies, you have to file an annual return within 42 days after the annual general meeting (AGM) for the year or within 42 days after the date of the written resolution passed in lieu of the AGM (the prescribed time period).


Consequences if fail to file the Annual Return

A company which fails to file Annual Returns within the prescribed time period is in breach of the Companies ordinance and the company, every director, secretary and manager of the company are liable to face prosecution and, if convicted, default fines.


Moreover, the Registrar of Companies may consider taking striking off action having regard to the circumstances of each case. The maximum penalty is HK$50,000 for each breach together with a daily default fine of HK$700. In addition, substantially higher registration fee is also payable for the late filing of an annual return of a company having a share capital.


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