Hong Kong Work Permit

Hong Kong Work Permit are allow foreigner work and stay at Hong Kong for more than 14 to 180 days. For the tourists visiting Hong Kong who hold a foreign passport can only enjoy a Visa-free visit of 14 to 180 days. However, tourists are not allowed by law to take up any employment (paid or unpaid), to establish or join in any business, or to enroll in any educational institution as a student.


Hong Kong Work Visa

Eligibility for Hong Kong Work Permit application:

(1)     Documentation of a clean criminal record


(2)     Exceptional educational background with a relevant degree, excellent technical qualifications, notable achievements and experience in the chosen field of work.


(3)     Research must be carried out to identify the job vacancies at a potential company in Hong Kong.


(4)     Employment job offer.


(5)     The salary must not exceed the standards set by local professionals (minimum 20,000 Hong Kong Dollars).


(6)     The company offering the employment must prove with sufficient evidence that the vacancy is being filled by a foreign employee due to unavailability of the required skills in Hong Kong.


(7)     Sufficient proof confirming that the employee will contribute positively towards improving Hong Kong's economy.


Documents required for Hong Kong Work Permit application:

From the Employee:

(1) Completed copy of the Employment Visa application form.


(2) Employment offer letter.


(3) Passport with a minimum validity of 6 months.


(4) 2-3 recent photographs.


(5) Academic certificates and other relevant documents.


(6) Travel and Health insurance.


From the Employer:

(1)     Application form for the employment of foreign professionals in Hong Kong.


(2)     Photocopy of the employment contract that lists all the details about the employee's post, salary, benefits and employment duration.


(3)     Photocopy of the company's registration with the Hong Kong government.


(4)     Financial information about the company.


(5)     Documents relevant to the company's work background (not applicable if the employee is being sponsored by the company).


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