Oversea Company Into China Market

Investment in the China market is indeed a national, trade and production is increasing. Many people call China as the world’s factory locations and companies around the world to China to further expand its business. Today, China has attracted foreign investors compared to other developing countries, the largest number.

Oversea companies hesitate to develop the China market?

* Too many investors enter the China market, causing a lot of pressure as investors worry about their brand by other Chinese businesses copied or imitated in their products.

* Lack of knowledge of the Chinese market, because the China government on imports of food or commodities investors have different procedures and regulations.

* Mainland China brand too much, businesses worried about their product than the China mainland market is small.

* In China, most of the locals are unable to communicate; many foreigners cannot speak Chinese, as business concerns.

* The processing time that is very difficult to invest in China or take a long time. China markets are very complex and not clear to the China market.


Tannet Group in China has 10 branches: Yiwu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Quanzhou, Yiwu, Chengdu, Xiamen, and Nanchang. Tannet has many years of experience in China, provides enterprise registration, management, planning consultancy services, enterprise establishment registration, management, development planning cross, one-stop comprehensive consultancy services.

Tannet Group can help companies succeed in China’s development, but also successfully helped more than one million businesses in the China market can quickly develop their own business, all entrepreneurs want to develop the Chinese market can contact Tannet Group information obtained.

Tips: Registration is a strict discipline matters, choose a professional service for qualified organizations, so that your company have in the development process to ensure a reliable legal rights!


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Tannet Group is a Hong Kong company, was founded in 1999. To provide global business solutions, professional investors and business outsourcing services policy, in our field to build a good reputation. Tannet Group operates in Asia, Europe, Middle East and offshore countries. Tannet Group has strong backing from the world-class team composed of professional quality. Which are 200 lawyers and know deep lawyers, accountants and professional consultants, financial planners.

• China advantage: major cities in China, set point and the establishment of service network, providing more development channels.
• With the formation of the ASEAN Free Trade Area in 2010, the first in Malaysia and Singapore set up directly under the points.
• Professional Services team, ranging from enterprises to the cancellation of registration, listing to the privatization, intellectual property, brand planning, and trade matching activities, tax planning, training, education, visa, business consultant and a series of services.