Qatar trademark registration are assigned through the Trademark Office, Department of Commerce under the Supervision of the Ministry if Economy and Commerce. Qatar is not a member of the Madrid Protocol.




Qatar Trademark registration requirements

– Power of attorney legalized up to the Qatar or any Arab state Consulate.

– Certified copy of the certificate of incorporation or extract from the commercial register

– Design of the trademark in JPEG format

– The detail of goods and/or services for witch the trademark classes will be registered

– Details of the trademark owner (name, address, registration number).


Qatar Trademark Registration Procedure

Once we received your instructions, necessary documents and 50% advance payment; we will then submit the application and documentation at the Trademark Office. Trademark Office and they will issue a filing receipt which consists of the filing number and date.


The trademark office will examine the application and notify us whether the application is accepted (with or without any conditions or limitations). Normally it takes 4 to 8 months to get this decision.


Once accepted, the application will be published in the trademark journal and in two local Arabic newspapers.


After Qatar trademark publication, there is a period of 30 days during which written objections to registration may be filed by third parties. If any objections are received, these will be forwarded to us within 15 days of filing and we will notify you accordingly. Normally, we are given 30 days to respond to any objections filed.


Based on the objections received and our response, the trademark office will determine whether not to approve or approve our application. If no objections are received within the initial 30 days, the trademark office decides to approve our application and the registration certificate will be issued.


The time span for completing the registration formalities ranges from 8 to 12 months in the normal course of events. Naturally, in the case of any technical inspection requirements by the Trademark Office or any opposition against the trademark, the procedure would be longer.


Qatar Trademark Protection

The validity of a Qatar trademark protection certificate is for the 10 year protection period from the date of filing the application and renewable for similar periods.


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