How To Set Up Hong Kong Company

Set up company in Hong Kong is easier than in other countries such as Malaysia and China, etc. The rules and regulations of setting up Hong Kong company is simple and little government restriction as well. Refer to below to know more how to set up company in Hong Kong.


Criteria for setting up Hong Kong Company

1. According to the Hong Kong Company Registry, to set up Hong Kong company, there must be at least one shareholder and one director aged 18 and above. The shareholder and the director can be a same person. The shareholder can be any nationality.


2. There must be a local registered address and local registered secretary for Hong Kong company registration. Tannet does provide a local registered address, a local registered secretary, company bank account opening and secretarial services, etc.


3. The authorized capital for Hong Kong company setup as low as HKD10,000 and the paid-up capital is only HKD1. There is no assets examination but its levies tax is necessary.


4. To set up Hong Kong company, the applicant is advisably to submit 3 company names. The company name can be in either English or Chinese. There is no restriction for the Hong Kong company name but just follow by Limited for English and 有限公司for Chinese.


5. It’s advisable to choose a credible Hong Kong company registration provider. Tannet provides one-stop services for Hong Kong company registration such as, local registered secretary and address, company bank account opening, account and audit, annual return, service office, etc. We have admin executives to send renewal reminder to customer to avoid the penalty charge for late renewal.