Offshore Corporate Formation

An offshore company is a company that is incorporated in a foreign nation, for the purposes of company structuring and tax planning. An offshore company is applicable to Trading Company, Investment Company, Holding Company, Shipping Company, Property Owning Company, Patent & Copyright & Loyalty Companies and Professional Services.


The following countries are recommended for offshore company registration:


(British Virgin Islands)

Hong Kong

Labuan (Malaysia)
Delaware (USA)


Benefits of Offshore Company:-

Tax planning

There are many types of tax exemption for an offshore company such as corporate income tax, capital gains tax, stamps duty and interest tax. For your information, most of the offshore companies are exempted from the taxes mentioned.


FOREX saving

When there are foreign currencies in the offshore account, the company can make the payment accordingly without incurring foreign exchange, hence, save cost from the interest in exchange.


Private & Confidential

All the information of the shareholder/shareholders is private and confidential.


Simple registration & Easy maintenance

a) at least one shareholder and one director (can be a same person)

b) do not need to submit account and audit


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