Corporate Secretarial Services

A Company Secretary is a professional whose role in a corporate set up in that of an advisor for legal matters. He or She is a very important member of the Company’s Management to handle all paperwork’s, statutory documents and procedural matters that running of the company involves. A Company Secretary has been recognized by corporate law as one of the officers of the Company. Basically, the duties and responsibilities of the Secretary are set out as below.

a)       The maintenance and proper safekeeping of the:-

  • Minutes books of General and Directors’ Meetings
  • Proper maintenance of the company’s statutory books
  • Register of Members
  • Register of Directors, Secretaries and Managers
  • Register of Directors’ Shareholdings
  • Register of Substantial Shareholdings
  • Register of Charges
  • Register of Debenture holders

b)      Submission of returns, as required by the Act, to the Registrar of Companies; such returns may be in respect of changes in particulars required to be made in some of the above Registers, or in respect of certain provisions of the Act.

c)       To permit the inspection of the statutory books by members

d)      To be present at your company’s Registered office by himself or his representatives during office hours

e)       To receive notices, on behalf of your company, which are delivered to its Registered Office

f)       Under the directive of your Board, to issue notices for Board and General Meetings and preparing minutes thereof; to prepare resolutions in writing

g)      To conduct correspondence with members with regard to share capital matters

h)      To take charge of your company’s Common Seal which may only be used with specific authority of the Board by way of a resolution


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