Bank Account Opening

Bank Account Opening
Bank account opening is very important for the enterprises’ smooth development. To better serve customers about bank account opening, Tannet has established solid cooperative relationship with many banks all over the world, like HSBC, Bank of East Asia, SCB, Citibank, SBC, Citibank, N. A., Algemene Bank Nederland, Hang Seng Bank, etc, which can assist enterprises to open bank account.

Wherever your company is, you always can ask Tannet for assistance in bank account opening. But the bank account is divided as onshore bank account and offshore bank account. If the time or the place is not available to your bank account opening, Tannet can assist you to open the account in bank branch through video.


The documents required & The handling charges of bank

1. Original copy of Identity certificate of directors (Identity certificate, HK & Macau passport or passport which issued by original country where the holder belongs to )
2. Original copy of business license
3. Original copy of Certificate of Incorporation
4. Original copy of Memorandums and Articles of Association
5. Certified True Copies prepared and signed by CPA
6. The cash deposited in the new account

7. Residential address prove (water, electricity or phone bills in the latest three month)
8. Business transaction records & Business plan (some banks need it)
9. Clients should need to pay the Name Search fees to Bank with HONGKONG company and  the company which registered at OVERSEAS.

Moreover, after opening the account, Tannet will give you more tips for your further business.

For further information, welcome to contact us at anytime anywhere.