Risk Rescue

1, Risk Management Solutions
Work before the estimated series of potential crises and to propose ways and means to resolve a relative.

2. debt restructuring rescue program
On behalf of the debtor to provide a system which could allow creditors to accept debt restructuring program.

3. structural reorganization of relief plan
Structural problems that arise when firms when restructuring program will be able to release the productive forces.

4. corporate restructuring program to save
Re-engineering refers to the bankruptcy reorganization, or re-reorganization, restructuring, is a modern insolvency regime in an integral part. Bankruptcy reorganization is the last before the chances of survival.

5. business winding-up relief plan
In a planned and orderly liquidation of enterprises would be less financial loss and loss of reputation is conducive to a comeback.

6. enterprise bankruptcy relief plan
Corporate bankruptcy as a last resort, it should be a good plan look, do not affect the individual’s assets.

7. personal bankruptcy relief plan
For personal bankruptcy, bankruptcy law has many provisions, would like to make a comeback, there must be relief plan.

8. corporate write-off response to the program
Business is to maintain good standing is eligible to deregister ways to ignore the bitter fruit will be planted.