The advantages and disadvantages of outsource accounting in Malaysia

Malaysia Outsourcing Accounting Services, Tannet group offer clients a full range of book keeping and accounting services in Malaysia to a wide range of clients operating across a broad spectrum of commercial, industrial, professional and non-profit sectors.


Advantages of Outsource Malaysia Accounting

1) It will strengthen your competitive advantage.

2) Our customized service will help you to fulfill your desires.

3) It will reduce your operating cost by providing efficient accounting services with low cost.

4) It will save your time and efforts from managing your accounting department.

5) It will provide high data accuracy which will make your business error free.

6) It will provide high privacy and security which will make you feel comfortable.

7) Our smart time management will help your work done just in time.

8) Our reliable service will let you free and concentrate more on your core business.

9) It will make your business free from the hassles of managing employees and records.

10) We will provide you innovative and creative solutions which will make your business latest and updated.


Disadvantages of Outsource of Malaysia Accounting

1) Take longer time for communication as the experts don’t work physically in your office.

2) Slow in respond if there is any problem as it takes time for the expert’s team to look back to your file.

3) Lack of security on confidential information as you have to send all your financial information and records to an outside provider.

4) Less control of your own account as different provider work in different ways and method.


In a nutshell, the pros of outsourcing are better than in-house accounting. The cons of outsourcing could be solves by choosing a good and quality provider to avoid any uncertain risk.  Our services included:

1. Account Reconciliation

2. General Ledger Maintenance

3. Payroll Processing and Administration

4. Cash Flow Management

5. Filing account documents


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