Angola Trademark Registration

Angola Trademark can be register in words or symbols to identify goods and services in the marketplace and distinguishes them from those of other companies.


Angola Trademark Registration Requirement

The following documents shall be provided to the Angolan Bulletin of Industrial Property for Angola trademark registration.


  • Power of attorney duly legalized up to the Angolan Consulate or Apostilled according to the Hague Convention, in case there is no Angolan Consulate at country of origin, then Notarized power will be accepted.
  • Logo (JPEG Format).
  • Details of the applicant.
  • The list of the goods and/ or services to be covered by the mark.
  • Certificate of incorporation or an extract from the Commercial Register with a verified Portuguese translation duly legalized or Apostilled, in case there is no Angolan Consulate at country of origin, then Notarized document will accepted.


Angola Trademark Registration Process

a) Angola Trademark Search  

It is recommended to make a search before filing the trademark application, in order to avoid possible conflicts with similar trademarks. The official search in Angola can take up to 3 months to be issued and it is done by class.


b) Angola Trademark Application Procedure

To proceed with the registration of your trademark it is imperative to decide which goods or services to associate a trademark with. Angola is follows the International Classification, which divides goods and services in 45 classes.


c) Angola Trademark Examination

Angola Trademark Examination is on absolute and relative grounds.


d) Angola Trademark Publication

The Angola Trademark Publication is In the Angola (Angolan Bulletin of Industrial Property).


e) Angola Trademark Opposition

After Angola Trademark Publication of applications, we can file oppositions period is within 60 days (can be extended up to 30 days). Administrative appeal can be submitted within 60 days.


Angola Trademark Protection Term

The beginning, duration and extension of protection is 10 years as from the date of the application, renewable for further periods of 10 years.


Angola Trademark Renewal Term

The last renewal term for Angola Trademark is up to 4 months after the normal period has elapsed. The Angola Trademark Renewal Requirements are the Power of attorney must be signed and legalized by either Angolan Consul or Apostille, in case there is no Angolan Consulate at country of origin, then Notarized power will accepted.


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