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外籍人士到马来西亚工作都是需要申请工作签证才能够常时间待在马来西亚工作,而马来西亚工作签证都是有时间限制的,如果签证时间将接近截止日期,仍然需要继续留下工作,那就必须办理工作签证延期。那外籍人士如何在马来西亚办理工作签证延期呢?     外籍人士工作签证延期办理基本要求: 确定的工作单位 (需提供公司名) 持有有效护照(有效的居留许可) 有效的外国人就业证 确定工作单位的有效劳动合同 男性一般18至60周岁,女性一般18至55周岁。   备注:如申请人超过60岁,几乎都会被拒签。但是如果申请人担任公司的高管、法定代表人或投资人,且符合一定条件的,仍可以办理延期。   外籍人士工作签证续期所需提供以下材料:   申请人所需提供的材料: 申请人护照 申请人就业证书 申请人近期彩色护照照片 有效的临时住宿登记表   聘用单位公司所需提供的材料:   公司营业执照复印件(如为代表处,则提供代表处登记证) 组织机构代码证复印件 如是外资企业还需提供批准证书复印件 代表处公司的代表证(如适用) 申请人与聘用单位公司之间的劳动合同或派遣证明 相关申请表以及主管机关要求的其他文件   三、马来西亚工作签证延期流程 马来西亚工作签证延期需要申请人提供相关材料给我们。接着,我们会将相关材料提交到移民局去进行审查,审查时间需要将近30天的工作时间。审查完毕后,移民局将开始进行申请人的工作签证延期程序,这程序需要将近60天的工作时间。最后全部程序完成后申请人将会得到成品。   四、联系我们 以上内容是为了让申请人更加了解关于工作签证续期的相关资料和所需准备的材料。如想了解更多关于申请马来西亚工作签证的问题,欢迎前来咨询登尼特(马来西亚)有限公司。我司将提供专业意见协助您申请马来西亚工作签证。如需进一步查询,欢迎随时拨打登尼特服务热线:马来西亚登尼特公司电话:+603-2141 8908,传真:+603-2141 8909,马来西亚登尼特网站:www.tannet.com.my 邮箱:mytannet@gmail.com。  

There are several types of business setup in Yiwu, each serves different functions. We will be able to recommend the best company structure based on the requirements of the business owner. Common Types for Business Registration: 1. Wholly foreign owned enterprise (WFOE); 2. Representative office (RO); 3. Equity joint venture (EJV); 4. Foreign invested partnerships […]

The governors of China’s provinces and autonomous regions and mayors of its centrally controlled municipalities are appointed by the central government in Beijing after receiving the nominal consent of the National People’s Congress. Therefore, doing business in China is based on the provincial laws and regulations. Types of China Companies a) Holdings Company d) Joint-Venture […]

Trademark (or service mark) assignment recordation is Transfer of one’s ownership of a mark to another person or entity. The prior owner (assignor) gives up all rights to the mark to the new owner (assignee), who is then expected to maintain the level of quality previously associated on the goods or services represented by the mark. […]

Step 1. Find TANNET to assist you with registering your trademark. TANNEThelps to conduct an official search of existing trademarks and their status, both by using the official database and by filing with the CTMO. TANNET is also important because your application must include a Chinese translation. Step 2. Identify the laws which regulate trademark registration between your country and China. Step 3. […]

A trademark is a distinctive sign or indicator used by an individual, business organization, or other legal entity to identify that the products or services to consumers with which the trademark appears originate from a unique source, designated for specific market, and is used to distinguish its products or services from competitors.   Types of […]

Malaysia Company Set up – Authorized capital A private limited company in Malaysia must have a minimum paid-up capital is RM1. Malaysia Company Set up-Appointment of shareholders and directors Each company must provide one (1) or more shareholders; shareholders can be the directors at the same time. Shareholders do not have nationality restrictions; each company must have a minimum […]

Work permits generally last between six months and five years, depending on the duration of the work contract and the type of visa. Application forms are mostly in Bahasa Malaysia, and applications for Malaysian work permits are done within Malaysia.     The Malaysian government generally issues three different types of work permits: Professional Visit […]

    Business and Investment in Vietnam is not only economically attractive, it can also rely on a modern legal framework. The practical business requires highly qualified management and understanding of legal and practical conditions.With the new provision of having more than one Legal Representative, the typical foreign invested Limited Liability Company can be organized […]

Vietnam trademark registration are required register IP protection at National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam (NOIP). National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam (NOIP) is the government body responsible for registering IP protection.   Vietnam Trademark Applications Each application can be used for one trademark only. However, multi-class applications are possible in Vietnam, accordingly […]