Malaysia Company Set up Requirements

Malaysia Company Set up Requirements

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Malaysia Company Set up  Authorized capital

A private limited company in Malaysia must have a minimum paid-up capital is RM1.

Malaysia Company Set up-Appointment of shareholders and directors

Each company must provide one (1) or more shareholders; shareholders can be the directors at the same time. Shareholders do not have nationality restrictions; each company must have a minimum of one (1) directors, being a natural person with their principal place of residence in Malaysia or foreigners who hold a visa in Malaysia for more than 6 months. Tannet can assist on coordination and provide local directors if necessary, specifically Chinese directors with good financial position and professionals.

Malaysia Company Set up – Required Documents

1. English name of the Malaysia Company

2. Personal data of all the shareholders and directors (Identification card or passport and address)

3. Authorized capital and the shares allocation

4. Articles of association

5. Purpose of company set up and main projects.

*(All documents must be translated in English or Malay)

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Annual Return of Malaysia Company

Annual Return of Malaysia Company

Annual return is a summary of a company profile consist of general information about a company. It signed by a director or by the manager or secretary of the company and shall be lodged with the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) within one month from the date its AGM (Annual General Meeting ) held.



Annual return consists of the company information as shown as following:

  • Business office address
  • Branch office address
  • Registered office address
  • Principal business activities
  • Total authorized capital
  • Total paid-up capital
  • Charges registered with SSM (i.e. company assets pledged)
  • Company directors
  • Company secretary
  • Shareholders


Annual General Meeting (AGM)

According to the CA, all the Malaysia companies are requires to hold its first AGM within 18 months of its incorporation. The subsequent AGM must be held once in every calendar year and not more than 15 months after the holding of the last preceding AGM.


AGM should be held to present important agenda as following :

  • Present the Financial Statements
  • Dividend declared by the directors agreed upon
  • Appointment of new directors
  • Appointment of auditor



1) If fail to lodge in the annual return into SSM, the company will be cancelled / disbanded / strike off under the power of the Registrar. However, you still can lodge the annual return after the due date by paying penalty.

2) Dormant company are required to lodge Annual Returns to the SSM.

3) Even through you have applied for strike off the company / in the process of de-registration, you still required to lodge the annual return because the status of the company still exists.


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Malaysia Company Formation Procedures

Malaysia Company Formation Procedures

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Procedures of Malaysia Company Formation:

1. Filling the application form

2. Sign an agreement

3. Make the payment

4. Company name search

5. Signing of documents in Malaysia

6. Complete the procedures at government departments

7. Receive full set company information

8. Opening of company bank account


When the Malaysia company formation required documents are ready, it would take approximately 15 working days to complete the procedures of Malaysia Company Formation. If the applicant comes directly to Malaysia to complete the formation procedures, it would only take 7 working days.


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Malaysia Company De-registration

Malaysia Company De-registration

The Malaysian Companies Act empowers the Registrar to de-register a defunct company if he has reasonable cause to believe that the company is no longer carrying on business or in operation.




There are a few requirements to be fulfilled before Malaysia Company De-registration:

  1. The directors must obtain the resolution of the shareholders for the initiation of the application to strike off the name of the company from the register on the basis that the company is not carrying on business or the company is not in operation
  2. The company has no assets and liabilities at the time when the application is made
  3. The company has no outstanding charges in the Register of Charges
  4. The company has no outstanding penalties or offer of compounds under the Companies Act 1965
  5. The company has no outstanding tax or other liabilities with any government department or agency
  6. The information of the company with the Registrar is up to date
  7. The company is not involved in any legal proceeding within or outside Malaysia
  8. The company has not made any return of capital to the shareholders
  9. The company is not a holding company or a subsidiary of another corporate body
  10. The company is not a “Guarantor Corporation”

Required Documents for Malaysia Company De-registration:

  1. Covering Letter- stating reasons to support application
  2. Statement by Applicant
  3. Resolution of majority shareholders OR if director/s OR shareholder/s is/are untraceable, proof of attempts to trace the where about of such directors or shareholders
  4. Management Accounts or Audited Financial Statements (if so requested)
  5. Waiver letters from creditors/tax clearance (if applicable)

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