China Contract Drafting

A contract is an agreement entered into voluntarily by two parties or more with the intention of creating a legal obligation. However, when a contract involves with two countries’ laws, the contract must be drafted in “different country different law” basis for the validity and enforceability of a contract.


Types of China Contract

Tannet does provide you the following categories of contracts for your business expansion in China:-

a) Trading Contract

b) Partnership Contract

c) Business Contract

d) Non-Disclosure Agreement


China Contractual Services

a) Contract Drafting

b) Contract Amendment

c) Contact Transfer

d) Contract Termination

e) Contract Examination

f) Contract Translation

g) Contract Management


We have a legal team consists of attorney, counsel and solicitor. We have more services than the above mentioned such as China Legal Advisory, China Legal Representative, China Lawsuit and China Business Due Diligence Report, etc.


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