China Online Marketing = Pathway to China Market

The internet user in China has reached more than 500 million people, which means the combination of internet users in France, England, Germany, Japan, and America. From 2008 to 2011, the rate of using internet weekly has increased 35%, said the Vice-President of Tencent, Inc.


Tannet assist client in online marketing:

China Online Marketing Services

  • Website Design & Optimization
  • Account Registration (Baidu, Google, ONO-BBB, Taobao, etc)
  • Branding (Online name card, Product & Services)
China Marketing Legal Advisory and Planning
  • Lower Marketing Distribution & Agent Risk Monitoring
  • China Business Contract Drafting
  • China Marketing Counseling, HR Planning & Risk Management
  • Trademark Registration, Barcode Registration
  • China Import & Export and Logistics
Tannet Group Limited has 10 offices in China. With 13 years of experience, Tannet is now an organization which provides tailor-made services globally. Tannet has well-positioned in China as a consultancy firm and be awarded "The Creative Enterprise of Business Establishment".

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