EPF Urges Employers To Utilize E-Caruman Facility

PETALING JAYA: The Employer Provident Fund (EPF) is urging all employers to start using its e-Caruman online payments facility as its manual system for EPF contributions by employers will be scrapped beginning January 2017.



EPF chief executive officer Datuk Shahril Ridza Ridzuan said all employer transactions with EPF will be done online going forward and instead of manual submission of the Form A. The EPF e-Caruman was launched in 2013.


The pension fund has launched e-Caruman contribution payment transformation programme which is an initiative to encourage employers to make monthly EPF contributions online.


According to the EPF, the integration with FPX would allow employers to make online payments directly from the e-Caruman portal and mobile app at zero transaction charges.


"This programme is in line with EPF's objectives to reduce dependence on counter services, expedite mobile transaction and to improve overall experience in dealing with the EPF. Employers will find that using the FPX system will make processing EPF contribution payments easier and more secure. Since its roll-out in January 2013, the e-Caruman facility has been well received and as at September 2016, more than 95% of employers utilized the facility every month," Shahril said during the launching ceremony on Monday.


"Since they are already comfortable using e-Caruman, we now urge them to advance towards making payments using FPX embedded in the e-Caruman system," he added.


As at September 2016, a total of 414,411 active employers have utilized the e-Caruman facility to submit their Form A online, involving RM4.4bil.


However, only 20.2% or 98,682 employers remit their contribution payments online, amounting to RM1.57bil.