Finland trademark registration can be obtained for words, logo, numerals, device and more. It is provides legal right of exclusivity for use of the mark to the owner of the logo. Besides, Finland is a member of the Madrid Protocol and the European Union, the trademark protection is obtained by application. Finland trademark registration is however a long process involving multiple steps. In this article we cover the logo registration process in Finland.



Requirements of Finland Trademark Registration

A Finland trademark application has to be filed before the Patent Office by a local agent. A power of attorney is necessary. Foreign applicants do not need a domestic registration.


Below are the documents needed for trademark registration requirements in Finland:

– Power of attorney simply signed.

– Design of the trademark in JPEG format in case of a graphical trademark.

– The goods and/or services for filling the trademark will be registered or the classes in case they are known,

– Details of the trademark owner (name, address, registration number).


Procedure of Finland Trademark Registration

The Finland trademark application process includes a formal examination and an examination of distinctiveness, but no search for prior trademarks. It takes approximately 6-10 months from first filing to registration. After registration the trademark is published in the trademark journal. The opposition period is 2 months from the publication of the trademark registration.


Duration of Finland Trademark

A trademark registration in Finland is valid for 10 years and starts with registration date. The registration is renewable for periods of 10 years.


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