Hong Kong Corporate Registration



1. Hong Kong Corporate Registration–Business Name

A company may be registered with an English name, a Chinese name, or an English name and a Chinese name. A company name with a combination of English words/letters and a Chinese character is not allowed.


2. Hong Kong corporate Registration–Shareholders, Directors and Legal Secretary

In accordance with the Hong Kong "Companies Ordinance", a private company limited by shares must have at least one shareholder and but could not have more than 50 shareholders. At least one director and shareholder can be the director at the same time.

In Hong Kong a statutory secretary should be acted by a Hong Kong natural or legal person for and on behalf of the company to ensure compliance with ongoing legal returns, accounts, audit and other requirements. Details of the company's directors, shareholders and secretary must be filed at the Companies Registry for public search.


3. Hong Kong corporate Registration–Business Scope

There are no restrictions on the business scope of Hong Kong companies. But you are advised to define your business activities before you set up a Hong Kong company.


4. Hong Kong Corporate Registration–Registered Capital and paid-up capital

The minimum of registered capital is HKD 10,000.00 while the paid-up capital could be as low as HKD1.00. But since from 1th of April, Hong Kong Company Registry has cancelled the registered capital and paid-up concept, there is no any minimum capital required.


5. Hong Kong corporate Registration–Processing Steps

Fill out an application form→ Payment→ Sign statutory documents personally→ Forward the documents to the Hong Kong relevant government departments immediately→ Finish within 8-15 working days→ Collect the documents at the designated office within three months.


6. Hong Kong corporate Registration–Documents Required

  • Hong Kong Corporate registration application form
  • valid passport copy for shareholder and director


7. Hong Kong corporate Registration–Bank Account Opening Arrangement

We provide assistance in the Hong Kong bank account opening. Tannet’s service in bank account opening includes recommending bank, making appointment, offering certified true copy by our CPA, working as a referee and guide for the whole processing, providing contact address and doing documents follow-up.


8. Hong Kong corporate Registration–Annual Return and Service Fee

Each year the company must submit an annual return to the Hong Kong Companies Registry and the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department. If failed in doing so, penalties will be implemented accumulatively. Tannet will remind our client on this matter.


9. Hong Kong corporate Registration—Outsource Accounting Services

If a company has business running on within Hong Kong, account book should be well kept monthly for an annual audit before you carry on a tax return to the Inland Revenue. Tannet can arrange bookkeeping and auditing for you in time of need. Every company is required to finish tax return annually.


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