Hong Kong Representative Office Procedure

Foreign companies that wish to gain market insight, exposure and a better understanding of the Hong Kong business environment before setting up a full-scaled office can look for establishing a representative office first. 


A Hong Kong representative office is only an extension arm of the overseas company.  The Hong Kong representative office will not carry independent accounting book in Hong Kong, just solely for supporting purpose.  It is suitable for small size of business to have customer or technical support for its customers.




Incorporation Procedure for the Hong Kong Representative Office

  1. There are no registration requirements with the Companies Registry for Representative Offices in Hong Kong. However, it must apply for a Business Registration Certificate with the Inland Revenue Department within one month from its date of commencement. The following documents are required during registration:
  • Completion of a prescribed application form
  • A certified true copy of the certificate of incorporation or equivalent document of the foreign company
  •  Proof of identity for the RO’s chief officer in Hong Kong


  1. On successful receipt of the application, the Business Registration Certificate will be issued on few working days and must be collected in person.


  1. Once after received the Business Registration Certificate, a corporate bank account can be opened in any bank in Hong Kong.


Besides, the Business Registration Certificate must be conspicuously displayed on the office premises at all times. If the registered particulars of the business have changed, you must notify the IRD in writing within one month of the change.


Furthermore, the Business Registration Certificate should be renewed one month before expiry on an annual basis or once every three years, depending on whether your Certificate is valid for one year or three years.


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