Hong Kong is a creative place. Hong Kong is an international business center plus its good infrastructure and sound legal system, entrepreneurs and businessmen to provide a unique business environment.

Hong Kong Trademarks: The Importance of Trademark for a company?

Hong Kong is the world’s most free ports of trade and commerce, registered trademarks to protect the safety of re-exports of all goods. A successful trademark can improve the trademark holder’s reputation.  This will not only bring huge profits, but also for trademark holders to promote their business. Enterprises are encouraged to register trademark to avoid any copied from other company to protect your own brand name. For those who already invest their product into Hong Kong market also need to register trademark for safety purpose.

       In order to protect these intellectual property rights, trademark holders to register for their own trademarks. Trademark registration is valid for 10 years, 6 months before the expiry of time for renewal can be. Application for trademark registration in Hong Kong time global minimum of 6 months or so, the most important thing is to increase the accumulation of intangible assets.


Why Hong Kong Trademark Registration:

– If you did not protect your brand in Hong Kong, your competitor will.

-Increase the accumulation of intangible assets for your products and brand in Hong Kong.

-Protected your brand name by Hong Kong Trademark law.

-Avoid any copied from your competitors and give you exclusive right to use the trademark to represent your company brand name and increase trustworthy.


What is the benefit of Registered Trademark in Hong Kong?

-To help the company market competition and advertising is the company’s credibility and quality of the symbol.

-Avoid their first use of a trademark registered by others and for others to do the copied of the brand.

– Create a strong brand foundation to the business owner.

-Short period to register the Hong Kong Trademark- min 6 months, to get your brand protected in short time.

 Other Benefit of Trademark

Tips: Register a trademark is a strict discipline matters, choose a professional service for qualified organizations, so that your companies have in the development process to ensure a reliable legal rights!


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