Virtual office is the combination of off-site communication and address services that allow users to reduce the traditional office costs while maintaining business professionalism. Normally these people are those just started the business not long ago and want to minimize the cost with the limited financial resources, that’s the reason Virtual office exists in the business world.
How Virtual office helps?

Virtual office is a both parties (owner and utiliser) agreement that being bounded and enforceable by the laws. Once the agreement of virtual office has signed the utiliser has the right to fully utilise the office resources, included human resource, but for a particular time when the utilizer requests. Furthermore, the utiliser also has the right to put the office address in his or her name card, thus, the officer will keep and send it to the utiliser if received any relevant documents.

Who Needs A Hong Kong Virtual office?
Typically, the users of Hong Kong Virtual office would be those who are:
1. Seeking a cost-effective alternative rather than a conventional office
2. Seeking a temporary receptionist at low cost
3. Looking for host meetings in a professional environment
4. Testing a new product or service idea
5. Starting a company
6. Downsizing from a conventional office
7. Expanding from a home office
8. Migrating from a post office box
9. Seeking for establish a business in the new country or city
10. Seeking a business address within a well-known location, for corporate image purposes
11. Seeking a business address as its registered business address to comply to the government regulation
12. Seeking supportive business services such as photocopy, printing, fax
13. Seeking a proxy for collection of mails and parcels

The Advantages of Hong Kong Virtual office
1. Minimise the traditional office costs
The administration work is done effectively by the virtual office provider, hence, the cost of renting, electricity, office furniture, and hiring staff can be saved. Renting an office in Hong Kong is very expensive, indeed.

2. Able to receive all the important mails and documents safely
All the important mails and documents are sending directly to the services provider’s address and they can be kept safely even though the owner is not in Hong Kong, but the mails and documents will send over to the owner through courier.

3. Increase clients’ confidence level
When clients enter into the office they will feel confident on the both parties cooperation because of the office layouts, staff attitude and the size of the office as well. Therefore, the clients are confident to deal or cooperate with you.

4. Enhance productivity
As the administration work is done by the service provider, so users able to fully focus on and execute their work without worries.

Tannet’s Hong Kong Virtual office Offerings:
1. Online and offline service center (emailing and telephone)
2. Meeting room or manager room rental
3. Desktop or photocopy machine
4. Temporary receptionist
5. For information, please refer to HK Virtual office package

Why Tannet?
We are a leading corporate solutions provider in Hong Kong,China and ASEAN countries for more than 13 years. We were being formed by a group of highly qualified and experienced people in terms of business operation and management. Our mission is to provide tailor-made services to whoever ventures and invests into new territory over the world.

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