To establish Hong Kong as an international metropolis, the Hong Kong Government announced various policies and programs to introduce professional talents and workers. However, before you can apply for a Hong Kong work visa, you need to obtain an offer of work from a company in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong Work Visa

Hong Kong work Permit application- Criteria

  • Non-local graduates who submit applications within six months after the date of their graduation are classified as “fresh graduates”
  •  Non-local graduates who submit applications beyond six months of the date of their graduation are classified as “returning graduates”
  • Non-local fresh graduates are not required to secure an offer of employment upon applications, provided that normal immigration requirements are met
  • Returning non-local graduates are required to secure an offer of employment upon applications
  • Applicants need to have a graduate degree, unless they have professional certificates in certain industries.
  • The applicant should also relevant experience in the position they are applying for.
  • The salary offered should meet local professional standards. This is depending on your position.
  • The company needs to prove that the position cannot be filled by a local and/or that the applicant has a skill in short supply in the city.
  • The individual will contribute to the local economy.


Hong Kong work Permit Application -Limitation of Stay

Successful applicants will normally be permitted to remain in Hong Kong on time limitation on 2-2-3 years pattern; that is to say, applicant can successfully get two years’ visa for the first time and renewed by two years, later three years accordingly. Applicants shall apply for extension of stay to continue to work in Hong Kong within 4 weeks before their visa expires, persons who have legally resided in Hong Kong for 7 years or above may apply for permanent rights of abode.


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