Indonesia Trademark Registration

Indonesia trademarks registration are regulated by the Trademark Act No 15 of 2001 under the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights. According to the Act, the Indonesia mark (trademark and service mark) is a sign in the form of words, numbers, letters, figures, colors, composition, symbols or a combination of all those used to distinguish the goods or services of one person or legal entity from those of others. The government body responsible for the administration and registration of Indonesia Trademark rights is the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights (DGIP).


Usage of the ® Registered Trademark and ™ Trademark

Registering your trademark doesn’t guarantee it is completely safe. Hence, using ® or ™ in your trademark to affirm to the public that you trademark is registered is another good way to avoid any infringements on your trademark. You are not obliged or required to obtain permission to use this symbol. The ® symbol is used after the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights (DGIP) issues the trademark certificate and the ™ is for an approved trademark that has not formally been registered yet.

Indonesia trademark registration applies nationally and in case a trademark isn’t used for 3-5 years from the registration date, the certificate will be revoked. This means that the holder will lose his or her rights for the trademark.


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Indonesia Trademark Pre-Filing Search

To check the availability and registrability of your trademark in Indonesia.


Indonesia Trademark Filing an Application / Examination

To prepare, execute and file your trademark application to Indonesia Trademark Registry.


Indonesia Trademark Publication & Registration

Once Notice of Acceptance is received from Indonesia Trademark Registry, we will arrange your trademark for publication in Government gazette. Should NO opposition raised within the period, registration certificate will be issued you thereafter.


Indonesia Trademark Protection

Indonesia trademark protection becomes effective upon the registration of a sign in the register. The term of protection starts on the application date and lasts 10 years. It can be renewed by further 10-year periods but a request for renewal must be filed within six months before the current term expires.


Currently, the Indonesian government is in process of revising the Indonesian Trademark Act, which will be superseded by the Madrid Protocol by the end of 2015. Under the Madrid Protocol, foreign applicants can register their trademark in one application, one language, with one single office, one set of fees and one currency. With this Indonesia trademark registration process, Indonesia will still have the right to decide whether to protect the proposed trademark or not. Nevertheless, foreign businesses who register their trademark through the international route still need legal assistance for a comprehensive understanding of the legalities of running a business in Indonesia. This can prevents any future disputes or infringement.


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