Tannet Information Technology Service Center (the Centre) has centralized global network resources online & offline, and has formed a global information technology platform – Online and Offline Business Brain Base (ONO-BBB), to facilitate in providing business & industrial information and corporate consultant services to corporate. This platform receives huge support from the Hong Kong Culture Publishing House, and one magazine namely <The Voice of Enterprises> has adopted the ONO-BBB Offline Corporate Publication services.


Business Brain Base

The Business Brain Base provides online and offline business information, consultation and S&D match-making services, business network meeting, online marketing software, automated business inquiry, online video conference, online training, cloud hosting services. You can also get any business solutions by keying in key-words on the website www.ono-bbb.net


Website Design & Optimization

Our website services include domain name registration, Web hosting, webpage design, webpage translation & development, SEO and SEM, Web programming, E-commerce hosting, server hosting, and Corporate Web Linking services etc.

Special Corporate Publication

Hong Kong Culture Publishing House provides publication of the characteristic magazine The Voice of Enterprises, company’s internal publication, entrepreneur’s autobiography, notable enterprise directories and Corporate Ten Culture series.

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