Advantage of migrate to Australia

Advantage of migrate to Australia

Australian migration average is high compared to other countries in the world. And each year, immigration rate increases. On this list are the top ten possible reasons why more people move to Australia.

1. Australia has a shortage in skilled workers or labor force. It is Australia’s one of the major problems. And to address this problem, they promote aggressive migration program wherein they welcome more immigrants, who has the appropriate skills and business knowledge to fill the labor market. Trades people now will have the chance to live an Australian life if ever their visa became a permanent one。

2. Australia gives its workers a competitive salary. They can earn concrete wages depending on the type of their job. In some parts of Australia, bricklayers, electricians, carpenters and mechanics are the highest earners. Tradesmen and women routinely receive $2000 a week on contract work, and this in not just a passing phase.

3. Australia has a strong and stable, western-style economy, with a GDP per capita estimated at US$32,900, slightly higher than that of the UK. For the last 17 years, they have recorded their highest and longest gain with 3.3 percent gain each year.

4. Australia is a nation founded on immigration. Of the 21 million Australians, most of them are descendents of European settlers that conquered the country way back in 18th century, mainly from the UK and Ireland. A bigger part of its population is made up of different nationalities like Chinese, Koreans, Lebanese, Spanish and many more. Immigration has become one of Australian government’s priority to keep their economy’s stability.

5. Australia is an ideal country for business investment. It has a prosperous economy making their country a proud haven for business enthusiast. Australia benefits from substantial natural resources and technical strength and a tax system that competes with all other western economies.

6. Australia is a perfect tourist destination. It has a stunning beauty found on the Sydney Harbor, rainforests in Queensland, Kangaroo Island in South Australia, a vast outback in Great Barrier Reef and many other landscapes nationwide. Each year, Australian Tourism program attracts thousands of people from the country and all over the world.

7. The national language spoken in the country is English, that makes every conversation for any foreigner easier.

8. Australian citizens are sports lovers. Many of them go out to watch big sports events and games like soccer, rugby, hockey and cricket. There are also a lot of recreation that you can turn to once you get bored like fishing, sailing and many more.

9. Buying your property, as for shelter, is affordable in Australia. Yet, they are of a high standard. You will enjoy life being in Australia because you will get quality services from schools, hospitals, communication and transportation

10. The ambiance of lifestyle and living in Australia is sound and relaxed.