Australian Study

6. Australian Study


A calm and comfortable environment, together with the multinational charm of cities like Sydney and Melbourne, Australia could be the ideal study destination for you.

Strong educational system, a high value of life, relatively lower expenses and simple visa chances have made Australia, a ideal place for courses in the recent times. Though facing a heavy rivalry, Australian education is gaining increased recognition in the global arena. In the past 10 years, more than 14 Lakh students from overseas have studied in Australia which is a proof of the increasing enthusiasm for Australia.

Students from all over the world come to Australia to take benefit of its outstanding higher education, its vocational education and training system, its tremendous schools and its world leadership in English language courses for worldwide students. These students enjoy not only high quality courses of study, but also expert support services, safe and hospitable society.

The internationalization of Australian learning and training has been taking place at a rapid rate. Linkages between Australian and abroad schools, universities and colleges, and association and exchange between individual students and staff have flourished.

The process of study in Australia may be very different to what you have experienced so far. Therefore it is important to give yourself a head start. Keep up to date with Australian news and current affairs and become familiar with Australia’s education system and learning culture. When you arrive there practice listening to the Australian accent. It is different but you will soon recognize the local terms and way of speaking.

In Australia, students are expected to conduct self-governing research, collect and analyze data by themselves or in-groups, to raise questions, to participate in discussions and debates with other students and teachers. Students take a dynamic part in the education process. Students spend a huge time in libraries and laboratories conducting their own research. To be a successful student you will need to adjust to these new methods of learning and assessment. Students are assessed constantly through essays, presentations, tests, assignments etc. One thing that may astonish you is the amount of access that you will be able to obtain with your tutors and lecturers. If you are having an academic problem, discuss it with them, don’t let it develop from a minor issue into a major trouble for you.

An Ideal Study Destination

Australia appeared as a leading source of top quality education to global students from all over the world. There are great number of Pakistani students studying in Australia is undertaking higher education in the fields of Information Technology, Engineering, Management, Accounting, Applied Science and Hospitality,new fields of study such as Biotechnology, Communication Studies and Art & Design are emerging.


Reasons for Studying in Australia

Australia has established reputation as an educational place of high quality for international students all over the world.

Many students are attracted by the flexibilities offered by the Australian Qualification Framework, which sets out 12 levels of qualifications across the three educational sectors school, university and vocational education and training.

Qualifications are awarded only after the attainment of proficiency standards. Once achieved, students can progress through different levels of qualifications, regardless of the sector in which they were achieved, thus providing many different pathways between different levels.

Australia is a safe and hospitable destination, proud of its own massive cultural diversity. The interests of international students in Australia are protected by Australian government legislation, the Education Services for Overseas Students Act. Only institutions which are registered by the Australian Government can employ students from overseas.