Myanmar Trademark Registration

Myanmar Trademark Registration is giving protection by Common law. Myanmar trademark is actually a registration system, rather than the exclusive right by any government departments authorized. In 2007, Myanmar has joined in World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO.



Myanmar Trademark Search

During the Myanmar trademark examination procedure, there is no interiorities research is done. As the application of a trademark in Myanmar is considered as an act of infringement, therefore it is important to conduct a trademark search before filing.


If the Myanmar trademark examination is not passed, the trademark will be rejected, it will be time consuming and costly on the Trademark Opposition/ Trademark Appeal.


To avoid your Myanmar trademark in the course of the trademark application was rejected and costly. We will recommend prior trademark search although it is cannot be guarantee that the search result is same as the result from Myanmar Trademark Office.


Myanmar Trademark Registration Required Documents

Myanmar Trademark Registration can be apply an japan trademark name individual or company)


– Register by Individual

1) Name and address of Applicant

2) Passport photocopy of applicant

3) Mark (wordmark, device mark, 3D mark)

4) List of Goods and/or Services, and Classification


Register by Company

1) Name of the director and address of Company

2) Passport photocopy of Director

3) Photo copy Of Company Incorporation Certificate

4) Mark (wordmark, device mark, 3D mark)

5) List of Goods and/or Services, and Classification from International Nice Classification


Myanmar Trademark Renewal

The Myanmar trademark is registered for 3 years, from the filing date. Its term can be renewed for subsequent three year periods, but a request for renewal must be filed within six months before the current term expires.


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