A 13-MEMBER Shenzhen leadership committee was elected by the Sixth Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the CPC at its first plenum yesterday afternoon, with newly elected Party chief Ma Xingrui, an aerospace engineer, as the head.


The newly elected Standing Committee of the Shenzhen CPC committee, which was put in place by the Sixth Shenzhen Congress of the CPC yesterday morning, also includes the 54-year-old Xu Qin, Shenzhen Mayor and deputy Party chief, and 56-year-old Li Huanan, deputy Party chief and secretary general of the Shenzhen CPC Committee.



The other members are Zhang Hu, 50, head of the Organization Department of the Shenzhen CPC committee; Zhang Wen, 47, Party chief of Futian District; Lin Jie, female and 52, head of the United Front Work Department of Shenzhen CPC committee; Wang Xingning, 51, deputy head of the Guangdong provincial Party discipline watchdog and head of the Shenzhen Party discipline watchdog; Zheng Ke, 49, former deputy chief of the Organization Department of the Guangdong Provincial CPC Committee; Yang Hong, 55, Party chief of Longgang District; Li Xiaogan, 55, Party chief of Nanshan District; Guo Yonghang, 50, Party chief of Yantian District; Tian Fu, 53, Party chief of Bao'an District, and Li Jianhua, 52, Party chief of the Shenzhen Garrison Command.


At a meeting with press, the 56-year-old Ma, who is also deputy chief of Guangdong, said the new leadership will continue to be innovative and open-minded in reforms, work hard, and be fair and honest in performing official duties.


"The coming five years will be a strategic period for Shenzhen to build itself into a modern, international and innovative city, and the leadership should double efforts to create new advantages and push the undertakings of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone to a new stage," said Ma.


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