China Joint Venture Company

A joint venture company is a transnational business formed among investors from two countries. A joint venture takes place when two parties come together to take on one project with mutual agreement on investing equally resources and sharing equally profits in the project for a temporary period of time.


Application criteria

Foreign party can be either a legal person or natural person, but China parties must be a legal person. Authorized capital is based on the nature of business but with least amount of USD 100 thousand. Furthermore, the contributions by both parties must not be 25% less than the authorized capital and the foreign party must contribute through foreign exchange. The joint venture project must comply with the “Foreign Investment Industrial Guidance” issued by the State Council of China.



Company name search → Certificate approval → Business license application → Capital verification → Organization code certificate → Bank account opening → Tax account registration → Invoicing



Company name search – 3-5 working days

Certificate approval – 12-15 working days

Business license application – 10 working days

Capital verification – 5 working days

Organization code certificate – 1 working day

Bank account opening – 3 working days

Tax account registration – 10 working days


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