Benefits of China WFOE

1. A China WFOE eases to be formed. The applicant can be a natural person or legal person, and no nationality restricted.

2. The investor can take full control and profit in its business due to there is no shareholder who will be sharing the profit with and delay in decision making.

3. China WFOE which has been operating in production industry for more than 10 years the company is entitled tax reduction benefits.

4. China WFOE which registered under the category which is technology-intensive or knowledge intensive, or the foreign investment is USD 30 million and above is entitled low tax benefit at 15%.

5. China WFOE which under export industry, when the volume of product export in a year is more than 70% of the total production in the same year,  thus, the WFOE can enjoy a tax benefit as low as 10%.

6. China WFOE which under production industry can be exempted from land rental. For export and technological industries, both can enjoy a reduction in land rental.

7. Form a China WFOE is better than joint-venture with China company because the investor can escape from being cheated and no due diligence need to be conducted.


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