Hong Kong Corporate Formation

Hong Kong is an international metro and a well-known free trading port in the world. With the integrated infrastructure and the laws and legislations, it provides an advantageous commercial environment to all the enterprises in the world. Therefore, more and more companies establish their own companies in Hong Kong for the following purposes such as facilitate trading, enhance company image, competitive advantages, tax planning and others.

Application Criteria

There must be at least one shareholder aged above 18 years old ( citizens of china or oversea personage with visas or ID cards), local registered address and local legal secretary of the limited company.

Shareholders & Board of Directors

Each company must have at least one director and corporate directors are permitted for companies that are not subsidiaries of public listed companies. Details of the company’s directors, shareholders and registered secretary must be filed at the Companies Registry and are on public record.

Authorised Capital

The authorized capital as low as HKD 10,000 and the paid-up capital is HKD 1. There is no

assets examination but its levies tax is necessary.

Legal Secretary

The government stipulates that a limited company must have a legal secretary, the legal secretary can be a natural person or a legal person. We can help you to arrange a legal secretary ( with registered address). Our services include: Information and data processing, taking order, bank documents processing, telephone answering, travel arrangements, meeting planning, mailing service, research work, and telephone survey. A secretarial service could be done virtually through the Internet via e-mail, fax, telephone and the Internet to small, medium-sized, and home based businesses. Whatever gets the job done–non-traditional, but it works.

Scope of Business

There is little restriction on the business scope for Hong Kong companies. No matter what name the company registers, the company entitles to deal with any business as long as under the legal precondition in Hong Kong. For instance, finance, medical health protection, shipping, trade of imports and exports trade, real estate, construction, decoration and upholstery, information network, garments and textile, tourism and literature publication and so on; It’s difficult to register the mentioned companies in china but all can be registered in Hong Kong.

Flexible Hong Kong Company Name

A Hong Kong company can be named relatively freely, regardless of authorized capital, names containing words such as international, group, controlling, industrial, investment, institute, association, fund and institute are allowed by Hong Kong government. Chinese names are permitted and can be included in the company’s Certificate of Incorporation. In addition, the country name is allowed to add in front the company name, ex: HONGKONG ABC LIMITED

Annual Return

A Hong Kong company must submit its annual return annually, penalty is applicable for late filings and it’s subsequently increasing for the next late filings.

Accounting and Auditing

A Hong Kong company is required to submit the accounting and auditing report annually. It’s necessary to appoint an auditor who qualified by The Hong Kong Professional Accountants.

Taxation in Hong Kong

There are several distinctive features of the Hong Kong tax system. The tax for authorised capital is 0.1% . The authorized capital can be amended anytime as long as the company taxes have paid off. The company income taxes (salaries tax, profits tax and property tax) are payable based on company income, which has a Hong Kong source (territorial source concept). Stamp duty is payable based on instruments, which relate to Hong Kong assets. There is no capital gains tax and dividend income tax. The standard tax rate at 15% and corporation profits tax rate at 16.5% are relatively low compared with other developed countries. In Hong Kong, all the enterprises are required to report annually to the Inland Department.

Bank Account Opening

A Bank account need to be applied after the setting up a Hong Kong company. Opening a bank account generally requires the directors to transact in person to sign the relevant documents. TANNET can bank account opening includes recommend bank account, documents preparation, preparing meeting report and application letter for arranging introducer and follows-up services.

Invoice and Receipt

The invoice and receipt and other billings are effective once stamped with the company seal in addition and signed by the person in charge.


We have more services than the above mentioned such as Malaysia Company Formation, China Company Formation, Hong Kong Trademark Registration and Hong Kong Tax Planning, etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact TANNET at 603 2141-8908 or email to mytannet@gmail.com should require any assistance.


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