Hong Kong (HK) Investment Immigration

Hong Kong investment immigration was implemented in 2003, 27th of October. The purpose of this project is to help the people who bring capital (capital investor) to Hong Kong but not managing the business in Hong Kong to apply for Hong Kong Permanent Resident (PR) Status.


HK Investment Immigration Application Criteria

1. Applicant should have Hong Kong asset worth HKD 10 million 2 years before application.

2. Applicant should pay the fees for applying the third nationality.



HK Investment Immigration Application Procedures

1. Applicant should have Hong Kong asset worth HKD 10 million 2 years before application (with the proof of Bank Letter of Credit or Assets Valuation Evidence, etc)

2. Applicant should submit the Assets Valuation Report (must be proved by the Hong Kong authorized accountant) and other relevant information to Hong Kong Immigration Department for application.

3. Once approved by the Hong Kong immigration authority, the applicant should invest worth HKD 10 million in Hong Kong within 6 months.

4. When the applicant has invested HKD 10 million with proof, the Hong Kong immigration authority will issue the Hong Kong temporary identity card.

5. 7 years later the applicant is entitled to Hong Kong PR Status.


HK Investment Immigration Application Documents Needed

1. Three (3) photos with white color background (55mm x 45mm)

2. Evidence to prove current nationality (Identity card or passport, etc)

3. Principal applicant’s notarized marriage certificate

4. Applicant(s) ‘ notarized birth certificate

5. Applicant(s)’ passport

6. Principal applicant’s past 5 years income record

7. Proof for past 2 years net assets in Hong Kong


HK Investment Immigration Application Approval Time

It will take at least 6 months to get the approval from Hong Kong immigration authority. But, if authorize the Hong Kong registered accountant to audit the net assets, of the credibility and trust the approval time can be shorter from 4 to 6 months.