Sweden Trademark Registration are filed with the Sweden Intellectual Property Office. Citizens or local corporations in Sweden or foreigners or foreign corporations are required appoint an agent in order to file Sweden trademark applications with the Intellectual Property Office.



Sweden Trademark Registration Requirements

– Power of attorney simply signed.

– Design of the trademark in JPEG format

– The details of goods and/or services for witch the trademark will be registered or the classes in case they are known.

– Details of the trademark owner (name, address, registration number).

– Invoicing details (name, address, fiscal number, registration number).

– Certified copy of priority document in case priority is to be claimed


Sweden Trademark registration procedure

Sweden Trademarks Search

Before filing a Sweden trademark application, it is advisable to do an availability search. Tannet assists in searching as well as in filing of applications. Normally, a search can be done within two working days, counting from the day instructions are received, and the same applies for filing trademark applications.


Sweden Trademarks Filling

Once the Sweden trademark application is filled the application details are available after approximately 4 – 8 months. If there are no examination objections, the registration process lasts 6 – 10 months. If there are examination objections the registration procedure lasts between 8 and 12 months. If the applicant’s home country is not a member of Paris Convention, or Brazil, Canada, Iceland, China or New Zealand, a certificate of home country registration is also required. The opposition period begins on the date of grant of registration and ends on two months from the date of grant of registration.


Sweden Trademark Registration

The certificate of Sweden Trademark Registration is valid for a period of ten (10) years protection, after which a request for renewal can be filed. The registration is renewable for periods of 10 years. 


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