Advantages of Taiwan Company Registration

Taiwan products have become very popular in recent years. Registration of Taiwan Company can allow the firm to become competitive in promoting products & services in Taiwan market. The taxation model is rather simple as Taiwan government has granted tax incentives to business firms, especially those related to exportation. Taiwan Company can also serving the function of running offshore business.


Types of Taiwan Companies

Representative Office

Registered under company name as an office permitted to coordinate activities with the aim of enhancing communication with Government authorities, suppliers or customers.


Subsidiary / Branch office

Registered under company name and permitted to carry out business-related activities, signing of agreement and contract as well as issuing invoice.



Registered under name of natural person or legal representative and is deemed as a separate entity from the holding company. Permitted to run activities under the name of individual company, e.g to get listed on the stock exchange or to purchase properties.


Company Name

Representative Office (Name of holding company + Taiwan RO); Subsidiary / Branch office (Holding company region + Name of holding company + Business Nature + Organizational structure) ; Subsidiary (Region of subsidiary + Company Name + Organizational structure)


Type of company must be shown in the company name. It is prohibited to use any name which is same or similar company name with others, related to government or non-profit organizations or not accordance to the public order and moral standards.


Registered Capital

Recommended to be 500,000 TWD, no stamp duty incurred for increase of registered capital, requirement to have 100% paid up capital (once off).


Shareholders & Directors

A minimum of one shareholder and one director, can be the same person and with no nationality restriction. Shareholders and directors must be at least 18 years of age and must not be bankrupt or convicted for any malpractice in the past. There is no requirement for the directors to also be shareholders,  i.e. non-shareholders can be appointed directors.


Registered Address

Taiwan address is required for registration purpose. Tannet will be able to provide registered address.


Business nature

The business nature of company is basically not limited. It is to be presented during registration. There is no restriction on the business nature, other than some controlled or special industries, such as media, advertising, financial related industries.


Documents & Information Required:

  1. Chinese company name in traditional Chinese ( 3 – 5 names)
  2. Business nature
  3. Passport copies (Person in charge and shareholder)
  4. Authorization letter appointing agents (Notarized)
  5. Business Plan
  6. Shareholding ratio
  7. Latest housing tax return copy
  8. Property ownership certificate copy
  9. Lease / Rental Contract copy


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