Taiwan Trademark Laws Distinguish

Taiwan Trademark laws is provide protection on Taiwan trademark. Through a registered Taiwan trademark, you can protect your brand (or “mark”) by restricting other people/ competitors from using its name or logo.


There are 3 types of Trademarks can be found in Taiwan

Taiwan trademark law distinguishes among three types of trademarks:

Principal Mark – Including word, drawing, symbol, color, sound, three-dimensional shape, or combination thereof


Group Mark – A mark used by members of a cooperative or association, such as by union members (these marks are generally used on goods not sold directly by members of the group)


Certification Mark – A mark used to identify the quality or characteristics of products as meeting the criteria of a certifying body, but not the particular source of goods (certification marks will not be registered if they are descriptive)


Unregistrable Marks in Taiwan

According to Taiwan trademark laws, there are several types of trademarks are not granted registration in Taiwan.  Among these are marks that are identical or similar to national flags; marks that are identical with or similar to other registered marks for the same or similar merchandise; marks that are likely to lead the public into misidentification or misconception in respect of the characteristics, quality, or place of origin of the merchandise; marks that are descriptive of the merchandise to which they are applied; marks that are identical or similar to another person's famous mark thus causing the public to confuse or misidentify it or diluting the identification or reputation of the famous mark; and marks that are not distinctive. Suggestive marks are generally considered to be "descriptive" by TIPO examiners.


Term of Taiwan Trademark Protection

The term of Taiwan Trademark protection is ten years from the date of registration. The trademark may be renewed for additional ten year terms within six months of the expiration date of the mark's present term.  


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