Translation Service in Malaysia

Translation service in Malaysia can be categorised into Certified Translation or Non-certified Translation. Translation service is often required in various fields, such as academic, manuscript, legal, business, technical, scientific, contractual, certificate, and manual translation domains. 


Translation Services 






Certified Translation Service

When a translation is certified, both the translated document and the original are accompanied by a signed statement from the certified translator. This is to attest to the completeness and accuracy of the translation.


Certified Translation service is often needed for legal paperwork, such as documentation used in trials or hearings. As an example, certified translation is required for a trial transcript or any evidence in another language.


Normally, any item that has to be submitted to a legal or government body will be required to be certified translated.


Non-certified Translation Service

If the document does not have to be submitted for any legal proceedings, certified translation is not required as non-certified translation should be sufficient. Some examples of item that rarely require certified translation service will be:

  • Website Content
  • Company Brochure or Leaflets
  • Audio and Video Translation


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