Turkey Trademark Registration

Turkey trademark registration is the first step for business owners in Turkey. Business owners must take design a sign that will serve as a trademark for their company. In principle, any signs can be considered trademarks. They can include words, images, colors, shapes and even sounds. The trademark must be associated with specific products or services, thus the entrepreneurs must also decide for which products he or she will register the trademark.



Turkey Trademark Registration Document Requirement

For obtainment of the date of filing a trademark application in Turkey must contain:

– Name and address of the applicant;

– Representation of the mark;

– Signed POA;

– Payment of the filing fees;

– Mark (JPEG Format)

– List of goods and services according to Nice Agreement.


Turkey Trademark Registration Procedure

The Turkey trademark registration procedure is formed of the following main steps:

1. Checking the availability of the trademark in Turkey or Turkish Patent Search. This report will inform upon the probability of the Turkey trademark registration to be successful. The Examination looks for characteristics of the trademark application but also for similarity to other registered Turkish trademarks or European community trademarks. Also the examination looks into the confusion which might be created by the trademark with other Intellectual property, including but not limited to copyright or geographical origin denominations.


2. Filing the actual application for the Registration of the Trademark in Turkey (or the respective patent). The file will of course be processed beforehand by specialized Turkish Intellectual Property Lawyers.


3. Obtaining the confirmation of the successful registration of the trademark or patent in Turkey and subsequently obtaining of the Turkish Trademark Registration Certificate.


The Turkey trademark registration procedure in Turkey lasts 14 – 18 months. The trademark will be published in the Official Industrial Property Journal. The opposition can be filed within 3 months.


Turkey Trademark Registration Term of Protection

A Turkey trademark registration in Turkey Patent Institute (TPI) Trademarks Department is valid for 10 years from application date. The registration is renewable for periods of 10 years.